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I’m truly honoured to be the featured artist in the Sunday Gallery of mObgraphia Cultura Visual

I have twice been part of their annual exhibitions at Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo, Brazil.

Mobgraphy: the art of photography and video produced on mobile platforms.

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Delighted and honored to have been awarded 4 honorable mentions in the 11th Annual  Mobile Photo Awards, the longest running international competition recognizing and celebrating the talent and imagery of the mobile phone photo and art communities

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50cm X 66cm X 2cm on recycled wood


"This beautiful piece of work "Curiosity in Cyberspace" by Linda Hollier is now hanging in our home. The moment I saw it online I loved it and am not disappointed.  It radiates positive energy and light with mesmerizing textures and colours. It is such an honour to now be able to enjoy it every day.  Thank you Linda."

Susan Latty, Australia. 


Living in Canada at the Moment

Let's see . . . I was born and grew up in South Africa, but have also spent 10 years living in Germany and another 10 years living in the United Arab Emirates. I am currently living in Canada.  

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The MIRA Mobile Prize  photography B&W – Street Photography is an initiative of the MIRA FORUM gallery that aims to reward the best images captured and edited with mobile devices from the streets around the world.

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I am honored to have this work chosen as one of the 150 best-classified photographs that will be projected at the 14th edition of the MIRA MOBILE PRIZE Street Photography B&W contest.

The Journey Continues . . .
at the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival
February 4 - March 31
Read about my trip to the U.A.E. and my
participation in the Festival
 at "Where is Linda"

My two works, Dissolving and Change, were exhibited outside in the area called Bayt 3. "This area's artworks explore the relationship between intimacy, spirituality, imagination, and the self, revealing the interconnection of personal growth with the intangible world. Outside, we are invited to consider a journey of self-actualization through the ethereal and sublime, while inside we are invited to do so through representations of dreams and narratives. This section of the exhibition asks us to reflect on our deep-rooted values and uncover what drives our journey of personal growth.”

Let's talk about iPhoneart

Mobile Art is a technology based art form, and refers to art created on a mobile device, whether that be a smartphone or tablet. Some artists paint on their mobile devices, others create collage works, others start off with or incorporate stock images, while others begin by capturing their own images on their devices. Some artists start off capturing an image on their phone and then edit it on their tablet.  In all instances the use of a variety of apps is part of their process.   


Because I have chosen to create my artworks entirely on my iPhone - I capture my own images on my iPhone and then edit them on my iPhone using apps - I use the term iPhoneart which I consider a sub-category of Mobile Art.

Linda Hollier Logo
My Logo

My logo was especially designed for me by Amir Hossein Golshani.

As my iPhoneart journey began when I was living in the UAE I thought it appropriate to incorporate both Arabic and English into the design. My logo therefore says Linda in these two languages. 

My logo is a witness to my vision of diversity within unity.  It fascinates viewers and evokes discussion.  It poses the question of "where is home?" and helps us to remember that we have more similarities than differences.