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Art is always a wonderful gift to give. Unique and distinctive.

Screenshot 2021-09-27 5.43.19 PM.png
Ensō, 50cm x 66cm x 2cm, printed on recycled wood

The initiative CIRCLE of GENEROSITY is fueled by the intention to connect people through actions of generosity and kindness.



I have donated my iPhone artwork "Ensō" on recycled wood, to be the object of a fundraiser to help people with Parkinson's Disease. 

Please use the contact form to insert the amount you would like to offer to own this artwork.

I would like to suggest a minimum offer of 1000 USD. Includes free shipping.

The artwork will go to the person who makes the highest offer. 

The entire amount of the highest offer received will be donated to

Current highest offer: 1000 USD has been offered.
Now accepting offers higher than the current one.

> make an offer
last valid offer accepted 31 December 2021.


If you do not wish to participate in the fundraiser but would simply like to make a private donation go to: Donate


Select a work to purchase

I would like to offer conditions that favor the possibility, for those who are interested, to own and enjoy my artwork or give it as a gift during the festive season. So, on The Art of Giving page, there is a special selection of 20 works that have been discounted from 20% to 30% with an added bonus of free shipping.


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