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My pioneer spirit comes along with a burning flame of curiosity. This curiosity is a constant when traveling and has served me well in adventures around the world and also in cyberspace. In October 2022 I was invited to attend a Metaverse exhibition. Not knowing much about this new virtual reality my curiosity insisted I attend. What I experienced was something new and exciting. So much so that the very same day I investigated and then created my first space.

From that point on, this new dimension introduced me to a whole new community of artists and creators, some of whom I am now collaborating with. There is a sense of boundlessness in the Metaverse as if prior limitations have broken through to endlessly new opportunities for creativity and communication

T h e   M e t a v e r s e

i m m e r s i o n   i n t o   a   n e w   d i m e n s i o n

I have joined Spatial, a metaverse with visually stunning, immersive 3D spaces. It has enabled me to customize my own virtual gallery and event space, 'Stillness in Movement' and host live events, all of which at this point in time can be experienced via mobile device, laptop or a Meta Quest headset.

I am delighted to be able to invite you to visit. I look forward to meeting you there and sharing stories of my work. > visit

Screenshot 2023-05-23 7.12.27 PM.png

Interview  about my exhibition "Pathways" in the art gallery in the city of Populys,
> visit

Screenshot 2023-07-04 10.44_edited.jpg

Sharing my creative process with a group of visitors.
> visit

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