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Happy to announce that I have been awarded an honourable mention in the ‘Abstract and Digital Art’ category of the 2024 Mobiography Awards.

Thank you to the jurors and congratulations to all my friends who also received awards.

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Kirei - Beauty in New Light
Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan
May1st - June 30th > read more


Mobgraphia Mobile Photo Festival 2024
May 17th - July 21st
São Paulo Musem of Image and Sound, Brazil

> read more


Mira Mobile Prize 2024
May 4th - June 8th
Porto, Portugal

> read more

l o a d i n g . . .

Speaking about my artwork "Transformation" at the Talks with Coach event titled "Earth is speaking ....But are we listening?" - an official Earth Day event held in the metaverse

> to view

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The Women in Tech 2024 Showcase event is an annual conference dedicated to celebrating and supporting the achievements of women in the Web3 industry. The event aims to provide a platform for women in tech to network, learn, and showcase their work to a wider audience


> Make Art Gallery

Online from: 26 February - 17 March 2024

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Telling Their Stories

I participated with two works; Aglow and Lotus

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F. Kojima has designed a special logo for me. It is an original design of my name written in Kanji - ancient Chinese characters which were adopted from the Chinese script used in the writing of Japanese.

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My article. Where is Linda, In "Japan" has been translated into Japanese and posted on Visit Japan.

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Delighted and honored to have a permanent exhibition of my works showcased in the Japanese Community House Garden in Spatial.

The works are changed monthly so one can check in regularly to see different pieces.

A big thank you to Maro Dori for inviting me and for curating my work so beautifully.
> visit

Let's talk about iPhoneart

Mobile Art is a technology based art form, and refers to art created on a mobile device, whether that be a smartphone or tablet. Some artists paint on their mobile devices, others create collage works, others start off with or incorporate stock images, while others begin by capturing their own images on their devices. Some artists start off capturing an image on their phone and then edit it on their tablet.  In all instances the use of a variety of apps is part of their process.   


Because I have chosen to create my artworks entirely on my iPhone - I capture my own images on my iPhone and then edit them on my iPhone using apps - I use the term iPhoneart which I consider a sub-category of Mobile Art.

Linda Hollier Logo
My Logo

My logo was especially designed for me by Amir Hossein Golshani.

As my iPhoneart journey began when I was living in the UAE I thought it appropriate to incorporate both Arabic and English into the design. My logo therefore says Linda in these two languages. 

My logo is a witness to my vision of diversity within unity.  It fascinates viewers and evokes discussion.  It poses the question of "where is home?" and helps us to remember that we have more similarities than differences.  

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