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T h e  i P H O N E A R T   o f   L i n d a   H o l l i e r

Possibilities arising

My pioneer spirit comes along with a burning flame of curiosity. This curiosity is a constant when traveling and has served me well in adventures around the world and also in cyberspace. 

Recently I was invited to attend a Metaverse exhibition. Not knowing much about this new virtual reality my curiosity insisted I attend. What I experienced was something new and exciting. So much so that the very same day I investigated and then created my first space in Spatial, 'Stillness in Movement'.

From that point on this new dimension introduced me to a whole new community of artists and creators, some of whom I am now collaborating with.

There is a sense of boundlessness in the Metaverse as if prior limitations have broken through to endlessly new opportunities for creativity and communication.



I am happy to have the opportunity to share stories of my IPHONEART journey as part of a growing Mobile Art Community, and to offer selected works that you can own through an easy on-line purchasing process

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