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T h e  i P H O N E A R T   o f   L i n d a   H o l l i e r

My article 'Slow Shutter Travels' was inspired by a request from Nicki Fitzgerald to share my experiences with her audience online at  > read article


I am happy to have the opportunity to share stories of my IPHONEART journey as part of a growing Mobile Art Community, and to offer selected works that you can own through an easy on-line purchasing process

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For more information about me see:

Stepping into the experience of the Metaverse

My first exhibition in the Metaverse - “Stillness in Movement” - is up and running. I am delighted to be able to invite you to visit. Step through the portal and travel down the corridors of cyberspace. I look forward to meeting you there and sharing stories of my work.

Screenshot 2022-10-27 9_edited.jpg

Spatial offers a collaborative platform and immersive experience through a 3D space. Meet up with experts, and friends, and connect with the Spatial Community from around the world.

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