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An early adopter of the iPhoneography movement, Nick Fitz-Gerald is the founder of one of the longest running iPhone photo artistry sites in the world, iPhoneographyCentral.

Nicki is an accomplished artist, teacher and co-author of the best selling book “The Art of iPhone Photography”.

Her focus is on mobile artistry and she uses her iPhone and iPad as her tools to create art and videos. Her passion for creativity can be seen in her online courses and workshops. She has presented workshops all around the world, from Los Angeles to Dublin.

I have taken most of Nicki’s online courses and can highly recommend them. Her instructions are clear and thorough which makes them easy to follow. Her responses to questions on the Facebook page she has set up for students of her courses are always encouraging. She is always willing to follow up with students and provide extra information and tips.

When Nicki contacted me to invite me to write an article for her website about my use of slow shutter and my travels, I was delighted.

The article is now up on Nicki’s website and I invite you to join me on my slow shutter travels.

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