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The theme for the 11th edition of the mObgraphia Awards held in Brazil is “ANCESTRAL FUTURE”. The winning works, shown in the Museum of Image and Sound in São Paolo, highlight the value of knowledge acquired in the past.  

This contest aimed to stimulate image production through mobile platforms (mobgraphy) in order to create a dialogue about this new form of communication through mobile photography.

Using the productive and creative features of current technologies, entrants were asked to depict how traditions can be valuable when looking to the future. A connection was proposed between cultural roots and the values passed down by previous generations, and present and future life. 

Looking at the speed of contemporary society, participants were asked to reflect on ancestral heritage that has been preserved. 

The exhibition “ANCESTRAL FUTURE" seeks to reconcile the past and the present, valuing traditional knowledge as a guide for overcoming current challenges in society, to lead to the creation of a more sustainable, ethical, moral, and balanced future.

I entered the Digital Art category of this Mobile Photo Festival 2024.  Out of the many images entered, these were narrowed down to ten. Then the final five were announced with the knowledge that these were the works that would be exhibited.

At the opening ceremony the winners of each category were announced.  I am truly honoured and excited to announce that my entry “Strength” was chosen as the winner of the “Arte Digital” category.  

This year mObgraphia entered the metaverse, and so although I was unable to attend the event in São Paolo, I was able to watch the event shown live in Art CIty in the Spatial metaverse and celebrate with friends from all over the world. 

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