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Augmented reality is an interactive experience that enhances the real world with computer-generated perceptual information.

Augmented reality technology now makes it possible to integrate art into the physical world in a new and exciting way.

I am happy to have discovered the Digital Bohemians Club who are doing amazing work in this field. Vanessa and Maks are showcasing artists from all over the world in an innovative way.

In their words:

“Immerse yourself in a world where art is not only observed but also experienced. Our events offer pedestrians, tourists, and art enthusiasts the unique opportunity to discover artworks from around the world on a specific theme. Through Augmented Reality, you can not only admire the art but also link and publicly share it with others, fostering a vibrant community that experiences art in ways that go beyond traditional boundaries.”

My friends in Munich, Germany, were kind enough to visit the latest AR exhibition and send me so many photos of my artworks “Color Healing” and “Heightened Awareness” in front of the Opera House on Gärtnerplatz.

I have already participated in two of the Digital Bohemians Club exhibitions in Germany and look forward to further collaborations in Greece and Japan.

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