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Linda Hollier and Abdulla Al Wahedi.

My exhibition in The Dubai Mall with Abdulla Al Wahedi was very special to me as we used our iPhones to invite viewers on a journey. Abdulla's photographs of doors in Ras Al Khaimah remind us of stepping into new spaces. My iPhone artworks suggest a new way of moving through spaces online and in the everyday materiality where we live.

Viewers are invited to step through the door, to accept the journey and the adventure. Each figure is a presence of support as we begin to discover the stories waiting to unfold for each of us.

As rootedness and movement occur simultaneously, Abdulla's photographs and my artworks on recycled wood speak to each other, creating a dialogue which asks us to pause regularly on life's journey and give attention to moments of reflection.

To see more of the exhibition, check out my archived story "Journeys" on Instagram.

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