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Dinamica Art Expo, an engaging international collective virtual exhibition that is part of the rich panorama of the Virtual Art Week  2024, is online from 26 February and is accessible from PCs, smartphones and tablets.

“This exhibition is configured as a fascinating mix of visual experiences, where the theme of dynamism in contemporary art is expressed in a variety of forms and expressive languages.”

As I explore the concepts of stillness in movement, rootedness and movement occurring simultaneously, and the intertwining of the ordinary and the sacred, the theme for Dinamica Art Expo immediately caught my attention. 

I was delighted when two of my works were selected.

“The works on display embody a harmonious fusion of sign, gesture, matter and a visual narrative emerges that captures the viewer's attention, transporting him on an emotional journey through the multiple dimensions of contemporary art.”

“Dinamica Art Expo explores the different nuances of dynamism, revealing its presence even in apparently static works. A single sign, hidden between one or more subjects, a flash of colour, a vigorous brushstroke, these are the elements that can give the work a disruptive emotional charge, making it dynamic and vibrant.”

“It is not just a virtual exhibition, but a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a new continually evolving creative universe, where artistic research is confronted with the challenges and contradictions of our time, between new and well-known styles.”

The virtual exhibition can be viewed for one week starting 26 February 2024 on the Virtual Art Week website, and until 17 March 2024 on the Make Art Gallery online website. My works can be found in Gallery 4. 

 I am also delighted that my metaverse gallery “Linda’s Stillness in Movement Gallery” is one of only two Spatial metaverse art galleries to be featured in Virtual Art Week. 

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