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When we look at the history of art we see that new technologies have always led to new art movements.

When paint tubes were invented in the 19th century, artists were no longer limited to being in their studios.  Access to tubes of paint meant they could move outdoors and soon we saw the rise of impressionism. 

Inventions in the hands of creatives can lead to exceptional beauty.  Gold leaf applied onto new forms gave us a Klimt. 

Today, creatives have the opportunity to mindfully engage with augmented reality tools to create beauty.

The Digital Bohemians Club has done just that and is now setting up art exhibitions beyond gallery walls.  With this new approach, art can be presented and discussed outdoors.  Local communities can be exposed to international art. Viewers are given the opportunity to explore the boundaries and connections between art, technology and one’s surroundings. 

Kirei - Beauty in New Light” will transform the cities of Tokyo and Yokohama into a magical experience. The artworks are seen and activated using a smartphone or AR glasses.  The exhibition becomes a contemplative space for viewers to immerse themselves in. 

I have been supporting The Digital Bohemians Club since they began their project and I will continue to do so. 

Two of my artworks will be part of “Kirei - Beauty in New Light” alongside other international artists.

Let us see the invisible and move into new realms!

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