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Populys is not merely another environment in the metaverse. It is a functioning city, filled with content and with a very active community. Upon visiting, one can discover the city and its inhabitants.

There are a wide range of activities to choose from in Populys. Listening to good music by attending a concert, visiting a disco or a cinema, going to the events arena, observing a news set in action or watching podcasts being recorded, are only a few of the possibilities on offer.

There is also an art gallery with changing exhibitions, and I happy to share that I have been invited to have a solo exhibition in this gallery starting 10 April 2023. The exhibition will run for one month.

The exhibition is titled “Pathways”.

Having traveled along the paths of mindfulness, the corridors of cyberspace and the hallways of augmented reality, I have recently entered the virtual spaces of the metaverse. The exhibition brings to light my continuous research and expression of new possibilities.

Populys can be found in Spatial and can be accessed via PC, phone or a Virtual Reality headset. Spatial is free and Populys can be entered via this link.

Upon entering, exit the reception room, follow the path up the steps and past the water. Coming down the steps at the other end, turn left to find the art gallery.

Hope to see you there!

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